A 5-week cues-based, relational program using nurturing touch to support early baby/parent relationships. Parenting a new baby is full of busy moments - busy feeding, changing, bathing and getting babies to sleep. The Together with Baby program provides the opportunity to slow down and spend time simply getting to know your baby and their cues, encouraging a connected and secure relationship. Parents learn how to use different types of gentle touch and gain confidence in using voice, movement and other forms of communication to help soothe, settle and comfort their baby.

Baby massage, Mom massages the baby's belly during colic

Benefits of the Together with Baby group program may include:

  • Improved settling and soothing
  • Reduced unexplained infant crying
  • Supported physical and social development and wellbeing
  • Improved understanding of your baby’s cues and ability to respond appropriately
  • Encouraging a secure and connected attachment between parent and baby
  • Places are limited to 5-6 participants allowing for maximum benefit