RWA Celebrates 25 years

This year has been remarkable in many ways, but for us, 2023 marks our 25th year of practice as RWA Psychology – Family Matters. We want to thank you for your support and trust and appreciate the journey while looking forward to the future.

About RWA

RWA Psychology began as a small practice …

Over the years we have grown to include 15 practitioners and welcomed thousands of clients through our doors as they take steps to improve their mental health and develop tools for working through tough times.

Experience treating a wide range of issues has allowed us to understand the kind of support our clients and families need to build mental resilience and key coping mechanisms. 

We have a number of special interest areas including Perinatal Mental Health, Parenting and Family Therapy, Relationship and Sexual Health Matters, as well as supporting children, teens, adults including neurodivergent individuals. We provide psychometric assessments and specific therapy modalities such as Schema therapy, EMDR, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychodynamic, Relational & Attachment based approaches, Interpersonal, Narrative and Play therapy depending on therapist and your circumstances.

From 1998 to now: What’s changed

Since we started the practice 25 years ago, the community in which we live has undergone significant changes, affecting our mental and emotional wellbeing. The prevalence of social media and technology has changed how we interact, consume, and spend our time. The unprecedented change, isolation and separation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic also posed significant challenges for Australians’ mental health and wellbeing, which are still being felt today. Conflicts across the world, particularly right now, are keenly felt by many here in Australia and are a source of uncertainty, concern and at times, distress. 

The rate of Australian adults experiencing mental health conditions is increasing, but it hasn’t always been as important in the public consciousness as it is today. It’s astonishing that only 25 years ago, the same year we opened the practice, the Government released the first comprehensive study on Australians’ mental health and wellbeing. Since then, we have seen an increase in the prevalence of mental health conditions, with a 2021 study showing an estimated 1 in 5 (21%) Australians aged 16–85 experiencing a mental health disorder in the previous 12 months. In 1998, 18-24-year-olds accounted for 27% of mental health conditions; in 2021, 40% of all reported mental health conditions fell in the 16-24 age bracket. Here at RWA we are seeing the same trends, with more young people than ever seeking the support of our services. 

Hope for the future

It’s easy to feel like it’s doom and gloom, with the research showing Australia’s mental health issues aren’t going away; however, we’ve come a long way, and the future is bright. 

Once a taboo topic, mental and emotional health is now a subject that is recognised, discussed and welcomed in workplaces, schools and communities. Our understanding of how our mental wellbeing contributes to all aspects of our lives has allowed us to remove much of the stigma and shame for those experiencing difficulties and create a supportive environment to allow them to seek help from professionals and friends. 

We have made so much progress in raising mental health awareness, particularly in areas like Perinatal Mental Health, which affects almost 1 in 5 expecting or new mums and 1 in 10 expecting or new dads, allowing us to provide much-needed resources and support. 

On a personal note

As a young newly married woman, leaving my salaried job and apprehensively starting RWA 25 years ago, felt enormous. I could never have anticipated that all these years later I now have adult children with their own lives, a husband who has given so much of his time for our handyman needs amongst many other things, definitely more than a few grey hairs, and have witnessed the incredible growth of RWA during this time to what it is today. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved, the services we provide and all the highly valued team members (clinicians and admin alike) who have contributed over the years. I am truly grateful to all who have been a part of RWA over the years.  

Thank you for trusting us with your mental health journey, and your family’s wellbeing, and we look forward to continuing to provide support and care to our wonderful community for many years to come. 

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