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Pregnancy and early parenting is a time of joy and excitement as well as fears and worries. New parents are faced with adjusting to both the joys and demands of parenting. Sometimes we just don’t feel what we expected to feel.

At RWA we work with parents to support: conception, pregnancy, perinatal anxiety and depression, preparing for parenthood, supporting early parent-infant relationships and attachments, adjustment to parenting, pregnancy loss and birth trauma.

We work closely with general practitioners, obstetricians and psychiatrists allowing for essential collaborative care.

Sleeping Baby and Mother

What we do

Supporting Mums and Dads through early parenting


At RWA Psychology we work with parents who simply need support during this period as well as those with stronger mental health difficulties.

We believe it is important to allow parents to experience the joys of parenting while navigating the inevitable challenges it can bring, assisting parents in establishing secure and resilient relationships with their children. We focus on helping parents slow down, build parenting confidence and skills in mindful and reflective parenting.

We offer support for both mums and dads. Our services include:

  • Face to face appointments
  • Telehealth (video appointments)
  • Group Programs