The teen years can be a confusing time of change. Young people face increasing expectations and responsibility, hormonal change and physical development. They are tasked with developing a sense of who they are, and who they might like to be as adults. Young people tend to express more and have stronger emotions, be impulsive, and take more risks compared to adults. Teens are especially sensitive to fitting in, pressures of school & HSC can weigh heavily and figuring out what comes next can be confusing. It is not surprising that young people and their families might find these years challenging at times. Despite all of this, the teen years can be full of great times, friendships and connection. Learning to navigate the challenges can help find the joy of the teen years.


What we do

Supporting you through the teenage years


At RWA Psychology we work with Individuals, Groups, Parents and schools to help navigate the teen years.

Our psychologists are mindful of the need for openness, authenticity and trust when working with young people.

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